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Our experts will be happy to deliver and install your growing equipment directly to your home.
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Our partnership with allows us to offer you the best training on indoor cannabis growing.


Whether you want to relax, relieve pain or socialize, we offer cannabis strains to meet all needs. Discover them now!


The choice of nutrients is essential to the success of your growing, which is why we only offer you high quality products.


From maintenance to harvesting and storage of your plants, including pH control of your water, discover the accessories that will make your life easier.

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Large growing space?

Besides the cannabis seeds sold individually, we also offer you the possibility to order them in bulk at a competitive price. Unlike our competitors, all our customers, regardless of whether they grow for personal or commercial purposes, can benefit from the advantages of wholesale.

Why should you choose DANK DANK?

You deserve the best for your growing and that's why we make sure to select only the highest quality products and offer you services adapted to your needs, whether you are a beginner or experienced.


We are proud to offer you products and services adapted to Canadian realities and above all, in both official languages!

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We are confident that all your communications with our customer service department will meet your expectations. 

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We know the importance of the privacy of your data and that's why we use the most secure payment systems on the market.

Become a grower!

We know how challenging it can be to find the right answers to your questions. That's why we team up with to offer you a complete training program designed to meet your needs and ensure that you get the results you want when you first start growing cannabis indoors.

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Et quoniam inedia gravi adflictabantur, locum petivere Paleas nomine, vergentem in mare, valido muro firmatum, ubi conduntur nunc usque commeatus distribui militibus omne latus Isauriae defendentibus adsueti.

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